Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cabbage Soup Diet

So my doctor put me on this diet. Let me tell you it is hard but I am hoping it works. We shall see.
Here is the website

Friday, October 5, 2007

Good Grades

So while the girls ahve been sick i have been able to write a paper and I found today i got a 96/100 and let me tell you it was alot of bulls**t. I am happy.

Two sick kids

So on monday morning I woke up thinking I would go work out come home and work on some homework. But life had other plans. When I went to go wake maddison up she was burnign up. I took her temp 102 which defintley had me freaking out but I just gave her some medicine and stayed home. Tuesday the same temp would break for a hour and then come back even hotter. Then on wednesdya when I was supposed to go back to I was not able to because maddison was still running a fever. Then at 930 I get a call from Kylie's school that she was running a fever of 101.4 and had to come home. So by wednesday night I was going crazy because matt had been working late and I was stuck at home with 2 sick kids. on thursday I woke up super early to get maddison a doctor appt. I took her in and we found out she had a double er inffection. Today has been good they are driving me nuts but they are both healthy.

Woo hoo

So after having started my diet again I am back down to 181.5 which is great because I would liek to way 165 before matt leaves again for Iraq. I have cut the diet soda from 3 a day back down to one whcih is what it was when he was gone and I have been not snacking as much. The other good thing is that I have been craving choclate so I eat it when I want and I am still losing weight. I have not been able to work because of home issues but I am hoping to start back soon. Hopefully the weigth keeps coming off because I need it to.