Monday, October 27, 2008

Self refecltion time!!

These past two weeks have been some of the toughest due to a decision I made several months ago yet at the same time they have also been very eye opening.

During this wonderful and fun deployment I have learned several things about myself
1. I hate sleeping alone at night.
2. I am too much of a news Junkie
3. I can make hard decisions and live with the consequences
4. Matt is great husband even when he make mistakes.
5. I hate writing papers
6. I can do good on a test

I think there comes a point in our lives whether we be married or single that we all learn that we need to learn to rely on ourselves before asking others for help. I have always looked towards my family to decide what should be done or what would be disapproving. Yet 4 years go I made the biggest decision to leave the state and go to a place where I knew no one. I did this without worrying about what my family thinks. And now my hubby and I WILL be making some big decisions in the coming months as we are leaving the military life to go back to the civilian world. While we are both worried(me more than him) we also are strong and confident in knowing that we have each other to fall back on. I am ready to see what my life has in store for me without worrying about the people who wish to see us fall.

As kids we are taught to look towards our families when we need help but when is it time to say enough. Well guess what I have had enough. If my family can not accept me then oh well I am done trying to please everyone. I can only be responsible for my happiness and not someone Else's. Right now it is all about me(and hubby and the kids).


Monday, October 13, 2008


So Kyleie is learning how to read at school and while it has been very frustrating at times because we feel that she does have ADHD which makes is very hard to function. Yet on the otehr hand I can see that she is very eager to learn even though at times she does she confused by the words. The funny thing too is that she is so eager to learn how to spell everyones name and she is so proud of herelf becuase she can spell Matt(she is workign on mine but a little harder)She has also been trying to spell her middle name and her sisters name.
Kylie's willingness to learn has defintley helped her sister because maddison can now hold her pencil rigth and she is one of the few in her preschool class to write some letters.

I am so proud of my girls!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Deployments Suck!!!

Well Matt has made it safely back to Kuwait unfortuantly. He is now waiting on flight back to Iraq. Yet we both wish he could turn around and get on a flight back to the states but we know that can not happen due to the simple fact that he signed up for this. Thankfully though this deplotyment will be over in less than 4 months and then we will be able to get back to NORMAL Life. The hardest thing about sayign goodbye is watching the girls have to say goodbye. While it is hard on me It is harder on them because they really have no clue what is going on (we try not to worry the kids). The kids did really good until Matt got thru the security checkpoint na dthey could no longer touch him. That was when they lost it. As we were driving home the girls were cryign for thier dad. We are now home and tryign to settle back into the routine but there have been a few issues where they both want thier dad(bedtime is the hardest).

Yet on the other hand once this deployment is over we both have so much to look forward to like me finishing college, getting out of the Army and moving back to Nashville(Yippeee).