Thursday, August 30, 2007

Big Mix Up

So Today was a big mix up for us with school. Matt told me today at lunch at he would get her and would let me know if he could not get her. So I went to sleep because I am exhausetd from school bUT at 3.03 pm I get a call from the school. Matt had forgotten to get her and call me so of course I was off and running. I get there and she was all clam inthe office just waiting for me. I felt and still felt liek the worse mom in the world. I am so afriad this will look bad on her records and me.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


So it has been a while since I have walked but tonight I made a goal to try to walk the golf course 3 times a weeka dn walk around my neighborhood everynight. If I walk the golf course it is 2.2 miles. if I walk around my block it is 3.4 miles and it I walk one strett and back it is 1.8 times 2 so I am goign to try doing this but once matt is redloped back to Iraq I will have to stop the night walk but I want to lose as much weigth as possible. So good luck to me.
Ps I ran about half mile which is great for me.

Matt update

So yesterday matt went to San Antiono to be seen by a neuroloigst yet we he got there he was not seen by a doctor but actually a R.N. No offense to nurses but how can she diagnois him. So he was basically told that his sympotms will have gone away after 3 months and yet they have not( he was hit in april) Also he was told the short term memory will go away but might always be there. He was told to continue to take his meds but he can be deployed back to Iraq in November which I am so not looking forward to. I do not want to recieve a call sayign he has been killed because he forgot what he was doing. Please pray for us during this time as we try to get pasted this.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Why am I losing weight

I am always asked this questions and yet I never understand why I am asked this. So here are my reasons.

1st- I am just sick of wearing fat girl clothes.
2nd- My medical conditions are keepign me fat so I am tryign to beat it.
3rd- I want to be around for the gilrs to grow up
4th - I want to a have another baby in Afew years so i am getting ready now.

Great Recipe

Mexcian Tuna salad
4 ounces tuna
1/2 medium tomato finely chopped
1/4 cup onion, green pepper and red pepper if u wish
2 tbsp plus 2 tsp miracle whip
1 tbsp parsley

Combine all and mix well. Can be served with taco shell and lettuce, tomato, as a sandwhich or with crackers.

calories 53.2 per serving makes 4 servings.

Brandi I know u don't like peppers but u have to try this. it is wonderful. Has spicy kick to it.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

life as a mom and a student

Right now my life is so crazy with everything that I have going on with school but also wih kylie and maddison. I have to voluteer every week for 2 hours plus write papers and cook and clean plus take care of the girls. I am not sure if I am goign to make this semster without losing my mind. We shall see. Thankfully maddiosn with start back to do daycare on the 17 of september so hopefully that will help me out some.

Maddison turns 2

So tomorrow is maddison birthday and today I was here siting about everythING we have gone thru in these last 2 YEARS.

I remeber the day I had her i HAD TO be induced because of a medical problem and I was in so much pain . The epidural they gave me did not work and I basically did it all natural. The started to induce me at 10am and by 4pm the same day I have a new baby. Matt also most missed her birthday because earlier in the week kylie had broken the dogs leg and that was the only day the vet could fix her leg. Well tahnk god he made it right as I was strartign to push. Yet waiting for him to get there I was not happy my stepmom was trying to distract me and I wanted nothign to do with it. I had her in 2 pushes and let me tell u we were all shocked that she had red hair but we were so happy she was ok.

The the day she started walking. She did no want to let go of her coffee table but one day we put the coffee table up and all of a sudden she was going at. Now we can't get her to sit still.

The day that she had to have neck surgery was the scariest day of my life. She had been runnign a fever for a few days. I had taken her to teh er on a monday and they said nothign was wrong but she wa smiserable. She was not drinkign her bottle but was sucking on it, she did nto want to be moved. The day of the surgery was awful she had to be put asleep to take a cat scan to make sure it was nothing worse. The worse part was that matt was in the field and they were not goign to let him come. i had to argue with his commanding off officer over if he could come home. Fianlly at the last second he was able to be there and I was happy because I am not sure I could have done it alone. After the surgery she was back to normal but man that was the worst day.

The next memory is more recent when her daddy came home from Iraq and she was so afraid off him but once she relaized who it was she was all over.

These memories some sad some good were great but I can not wait to make more because I know she and kylie are goign to do something special with thier lives.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Schoo and throwing up

So kylies 1st day back to school was yesterdaya dn of course we get a phone call saying to come pick her. She had thrown up because she was upset about somethign not sure what but hey whatever. So this mornign my plan was to take her to school and see how it goes but as soon as I got up she was tellign me she did not feel good. Took her temp and it was 99.8 not high but in la u can't have a fever over 99.5 and come to school. So I decided 2 take her to the doctor and we find out she has a sinus infection and a reakky bad earwax buildup which has infected her skin. I got to see it and it was gross. So she has to have her ear cleaned with drops and some aumoxeiillen(sp) which is peniciilian. The good news is that she can go back to school tomoorw so she is goign. The bad news is that I accidientaly took a little drop of her mediicine and had a small alleric reaction because of the pencillian. i AM fine but it was a little scary.

Long week

So on monday i STARTED school and let me tell u after my 1st class I knew it was going to be a long semster.
My monday/ wednesday class if rom 9- 1150 and it is spanish. 1st off in florida where I am from we are not required to take spanish as long as we had it in high school but in this state we have to have it to graduate. Oh my god I want to kill myself by 10am and I know I am going to go mad in the class. The good thing is that the class is only 8 weeks but it means we have a test every other week and yes I have one next week which sucks but oh well.
On tuesday I have to drive a hour from the base to take my social work classes which is great because I love these classes and they are goign to be fun. I have 1 class from 9-12 and then another one from 1-4 but they are taught by the same teacher and I really like her.
My last class is a online social work class and I like this class to becaus eI have had the teacher before so i know her teaching and testing style. The only bad thing about this class is that I have questions due every weeka dn it can be alot of work but I know to stay ahead with 3 weeks worth of work.
The only awful thing about all my soical worker classes is that I have 12 papers due between all 3 and yes I am being serious 12. I figure if it does not kill me it will make me stornger. Rigth now I have thursdaya dn friday off to do school work and volunteer so i am hoping to stay on track. we will see.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

New Dog

So we bought a new dog today. It is a shorthair chiuahua and he is so cute. We named him bear and he is great. HE IS not too sure of my kids but we figure he will get over it. Also are other dog mollie does not like him but if we have to get rid of mollie we will give him to family. Other than that it has been a busy weekend.

Kylie's first day of "big Girl" School update

So friday was her first day and she did really well with her new teacher and school. She did have a small eposide when they were taking a tour of the school but after she did well. She will go back tuesday all day but after that we will see.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Kylie's first day of "big Girl" School

So today was kylies first day and i figured she would ahve a hard time but she did really gooD. We got up and she had breakfast and pictures(LOser I know) and then we were off to school. On the way there she was nervous and alittle scared but she did not cry and I was so proud of her for that. When we got to her clas she wanted me to stay and we did she was stilla little nervous but we got her coloring a picture while I filled out more paperwork. When it was time for us to leave she gave me and matt both a kiss and told us to ahve a good day and she was off. I was so proud of her but so sad because it means that my baby is growing up tobe a big girl and I can not stop it. On the other hand I did not cry at all except for now when writing this.


So today I hit 194 that might not sound like a good number to alot of people but to me it is great because it means that a) I have lost 36.5 lbs since march and b) I am at my weight that I was almost 3 years ago before i PREGANAT with maddison. I am so happy about this because I never thougth I would hit this mark again. Only 4 more lbs to go until I can try on my pre preganacy jeans. YEA Go me.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Great few days.

So the last few days has been good weigth wise. Hubby and I went to walmart and bought a excersie ball to do my workout on and oh my god it works so good(note to brandi u need to get one.) WE also bought this weight ball which has helped me with my arms. On saturday AND monday we went and got ice cream and instead of me gaining weigth which seems to happen when I eat sugar. Instead I lost 2 pounds on sunday and then today I am holding steady which is great. I am 1 pound away from what I was before I got preganat with maddison.

School starts for kylie on fridaya nd she is so happy and I am too, i START school on monday so we will see if I Can keep up with 7 classes.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Long Few Days

So the last few days I have not been losing any weight since monday. yET i HAVE BEEN having a lot of issues with constipation and I think that is hurtingme. Has been a a week since I have gone. Also I have not been feelign good so that is not helping me any.

Plus hubby has been working long hours so we have not been eating at a good hour. sO AS YOU CAN SEE I have had a lot of things to stop me from getting this awful weight off. I just wish it would come off.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Wierd Day

Today I went to the doctor to have my eyes evaluated and to see if my headaches are caused by occular migraines. Yet the doctor does not think it has to do with my eyes. Instead he referred me out to a Neuroligts and now I am so worried that it could be soemthing worse but I have to just get on with life.

Tonight I am hoping to go walk so that the weight will continue to come off.

I have managed to lose 5 lbs since starting the second half of the challenge with brandi yet she is keeping up with me so this might be a tight race we will see. I will win

Monday, August 6, 2007

Good weekend

My husband got friday off so we took the girls to Alex and went to the mall and target to get kylie some new clothes for and would u not know I started my tom.

On saturday we had a yardsale and we made 138 dollars so that was great and then matt took me to dinner and we saw the bourne movie.,It WAS SO GOOD. Yet there I had nachos and cheese and on sunday i saw those nachos in my weight change.Yesterday was not A good day becaus eI WAS SICK BUT BEING SICK DID ALLOW ME to lose some weight.

So far on course.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Somewhat Better

So i finally saw my weighte go down some so that was noce but I broke my scale today so i BOUGHT A NEW one that does my weight from .1lb increment instead of .5 lb increaments. So we shall see how it goes. Unfortunaly I did not walk.

Things have gotten soemwhat better since yesterday when we were able to talk abotu some things that have been better.

Also my TOM started so no more stress about that and tahnak god it started.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Ready to Give up- On everything

So My wieghed is still 199.5 and I am so frustrated. I am eating healthy and walking everynight yet my body does nothing but hold steady and I am ready to see those numbers move down.

My husband is starting to lose me. I feel like I put 100% of effort into this marriage and yet he maybe puts 25%in. Why am I doing everyhting I can to make it work when all I feel like I am is his sex slave when he wants me, his maid who cooks, clena and raises his kids. I am so sick of doing everythign for him and yet still hearing him gripe that it is not enough. What does he want me to do? I am so tired of life being so damn hard all the time.

Also My TOM has not started yet and I am now startign to think I might be preganat. Great just what we need right now. Hopefuuly it will start soon but ever since my miscarriage my body and my TOM has been so out of whack. My TOM will start SOMetimes 27 days later or up to 30 days later. If I don't start by sunday I will take a test but we do not need this at all.

Sorry to complain but It is one of those days.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Kylies going to school

I am so happy she has been wanting to go for a while so we decided to see if we could get her in LA 4 AND WE WERE ABLE TO. I am happy because I know she needs it but I am sad because she is goign up so fast and this time next year she will be in Kindergarten and then she will be married and I will be lonely. So sad.

all about me

All About You!
Full Name:
Jessica (and that's all you're getting, LOL)
January 30, 1983
Central Florida, USA
Current Location:
Leesville la, USA
Relationship Status:
Not sure.
Christian, and Proud of it.
I'm a stay-home mom and a college student
My ears,
Shoe Size:
5 Foot, 2 Inches
Anything with veggies
Diet coke caffeine free
High school musical and Because I said so
Anything by Reba, sugarland, brad paisley
TV Show:
Army Wives
Ice Cream:.
Ben and jerry half baked or marble slab cheesecake
Red lobster(love me some crab legs)
Not a big smell person
My bed
Sports Teams:
Football Dallas cowboys and baseball Atlanta Braves
Hangout Spot:
My house.
Wal-Mart since that is all we have here but I LOVE TARGET
Music Genre:
Brad paisley(yes not actor but he is just as hot as some actors)
Reese Witherspoon
Meat, I can eat it but sometime I would rather have a plate of veggies...
Anything other than country
Death, scary movies and war movies
Fart smell and bad breath
Marilyn Manson, and Fergie, Brittney Spears
When is the world going to catch on that they suck?
Famous Person:
Paris Hilton, Brittney Spears, and Lindsay Lohan, they are terrible role models for today's young girls. Amen. If they were my children I would have kicked their ass
TV Show:
Anything that can make me think, "I can't believe that made it to TV." Like Venture Brothers, South Park, most of the shows on "adult swim"...
I like all seasons.
This or That...
Family Guy/South Park:
Neither, the entire show is a tasteless waste of time.
Mountain Dew/Red Bull:
Mountain dew
Movie at Home/Movie in Theater:
Movie in Theater
Comdey or roamnce
Christmas/End of the School Year:
Both, like the time off from school
Tyra Banks/Kate Moss:
Tyra Banks
Martha Stewart/Rachel Ray:
Paris Hilton/Nicole Richie:
Neither, they have no respect for themselves or anyone around them. And just because they are rich doesn't mean they are worth it.
Angelina Jolie/Jennifer Anistan:
Jennifer. Duh.
Love Life...
First Love:
Longest Love:
Person you love:
Do you believe in the one:
Yes sometimes
Do you believe in love at first sight:
Yes in the right case
Do you still talk to your first Love:
Ever let someone go and regreted it:
Have you ever cheated on someone:
No, but I've come close.
Ever been cheated on:
Yep. Who hasn't?
Loved someone and they didn't know:
Yeah ... That sucks.
Material Things...
Yes Hubby and I share it
Computer (Desktop):
I have one
Supposed to be getting one for school
Digital Camera:
I've got one, but I WANT A NEW one because I broke the one hubby mom gave us
Game Console:
Hubby owns a psp
Kia rio(piece if crap) and Chevy cavillaer
Ye hubby and I both have one.
Blackberry or Palm:
How many DVDs:
150 between hubby and I
How many CDs:
Not that many
Kind of TV:
We have a hdtv 32 flat screen. Hubby’s annisvary gift
Last Time...
Last song you heard:
Everyday America by sugarland love it
Last person you talked to:
Last thing you said:
"I Love You too"
Last thing you ate:
Sonic so good but so bad for me
Last time you cried:
Watching army wives on Sunday..
Have You Ever...
Have you smoked:
Cigarettes? Yes.
Have you drank:
Uh, yeah.
Been stoned:
Bungee Jumped:
Are you out of your mind?
Been Sky Diving:
I would love to but I have kids.
Been in a limo:
Gone camping:
Yes and I hated it
Been to the ER:
Kicked a guy in the nuts:
Yes ...
Been so drunk you don't remember the night before:
No but have done some goofy stuff(cheese sandwiches)
Puked infront of a crowd:
Yes.( On a ride at ottoberfest was preganat but did not know it.)
Toilet-papered someone's house:
Yes and it was fun
Ever gone to therapy:
Yes too many to count
11 pm
Bed Size:
Collect Anything:
If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do:
Tell my dad and step mom how I feel about them and spend time with my hubby and Girls
What do you want on your pizza:
Mushroom, onion green pepper.
Speak anything besides English:
Takign Spanish this fall for my degree.
What annoys you the most:
The damn war and sending are men and women over there to get killed. I say either drop a damn bomb on the whole middle east or let them kill each other. Save us some money
What would you do with 1,000 plastic spoons:
Throw them away
Do you wear Contacts or Glasses:
Contact but might be getting lasik
Why are you taking this survey:
Because Brandi sent it to me

Getting there.

So I did not see any weight loss but It is that TOM so i figure once it starts It will be better.

Last night was a rough. My hubby came home from worka nd camped out in front of the computer to do more work. i was pissed. I was not going to walk but I did becasue I needed a break from him and the Girls. DID MY WALK AND FELT great . When I LEFT i HAD LEFT TEH HOUSE A mess and dinner dishes still on the table and dinner mess. Also I had told him to give the girls a bath so I could get to bed when I got back. Needless to say nothing was done. Then he had the nerve to tell me he does not do somethign without me asking. I was pissed I laid into him. So needless to say not a good night. So today I am going to clean the hosue and when it gets messy I am doign no work. i want to see how long it will take for him to clean it up. Sounds mean but I am sick of being everyones maid and do girl. I will post how it is coming.

Also we got my oldest into to la-4 which is headstart. we are so happy because she needs it and preschool is no longer challenging.