Monday, November 5, 2007

Vacation Update

So the week before last we went home to florida to get a break form here before matt deploys to Iraq for the second time this year. We had alot of fun. We had family pictures done on tuesday which was a 3 hour event because Maddison did not want to smile at all. We finally got a few good ones which was nice because it was our 1st family picture.
On friday we took the girls to disney and they loved it. Kylie was so happy she got to meet cinderella, belle and auroa. After it was all said and done she had alot offun and we spent alot of money(500). On saturday we left to came and stopped in moblie alabama nd the netx day we took the girls to see the battleship which they loved but it was cold.
Also when we were down ther my parnets were not there because they ha dgone on vacation but the saturday that we got there my sisters got a call that they had been in a bad accident. Thye were not hurt but thier car was totaled. They ended up coming back to florida early because they were not having fun.

Now we are back to the real world and getting ready for this damn deployment which has me so stressed out so hopefully with christmas coming it won't be so bad. hopefully.

Brandi I will put new pictures up soon

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Stupid PLateau

So for the last few months I have been holding at 181. No matter what I do I cannot break this number. I have managed to do it once but I get right back up to 181. My body is happy at this weight but my head and heart are not. I want to hit the 140s so bad that I can feel it. So I am going to try a week of the nutrisytem program and see how good i do on that. It is expensive but I have found it somewhat cheaper on ebay. I have not been able to workout as much as I would like but hopefully that will changeonce Matt is gone. We shall see.