Tuesday, July 31, 2007


So last night after my family walk my husband and I were both tired. We both are tryign to lose weight but he is not willing to eat veggies so I figure him walking 2.2 milkes around a hilly golf course pushing 2 kids would help him lose weight( He pushed about 70 pounds) And it did he lost 2.5 lbs. I am trying to keep him motivaited for both of are lives. Also he was surprised to see that I could run soem of the golf course with out being out of breath. Woo Hoo go me.


Lately I have been walkign in the morning with my youngest child but last night my whole family went with me and walked around the golf course and it was so much fun and great becaus ewe could spend time together as a family. i am goign to try walking again tonight. Not Sure if the family will come but I am going to try walkign at nigth this week and see what it does to my weight loss and then next week walk in the morning and see if there is a difference. Also it was 101 degrees when we walked.

Monday, July 30, 2007


When my husband decided to join the military we decide that it would be good for him becasue then I could finish my degree and he would not have to go to college(not a fan of school.) We both figured it would be the best thing for our family because it woudl allow us to get ahead up and yet we feel like it was not a good choice.
When hubby went to Iraq he was ied 4 times and was told on the last time to see a neurlogists and yet when he got here they told him he ahs to see behavioral health. Why the hell does he need behavioral health? He has a brain injury.
Today he went to the aid station thinking that they would give a break and yet they gave him five days off from PT BUT he was basicallly told there is nothing that can be done for him.

Why the hell do we send our men and women over there knowing they could get hurt or worse killed and if they do survive then they are stuck to deal with on the repercussins of said war?

I support the servicemen and women but not the WAR.

Sunday, July 29, 2007


Brandi and I need to set a new challenge because I am no longer feeling. motivated.


When my hubby left for Iraq I wondered how was I going to take care of my girls and still be able to keep my mind from wondering if my husband was safe. Some how I managed to keep life moving which included moving into a new apartment 2 weeks after he left, finishing school with honor roll, driving to and from florida twice with 2 kids and a dog, hearing the news that your husband had been hiyt by ied's not once but 4 times. I figured whne he came home life would be a lot different because he had been hurt but also Because I had been doing everything myself. Yet soemtimes it still feels like it is just me by myself even though he is home.
He is trying but most times it is just easier for me to do it by myself because of how anal I have gotten about things in my home. Also it has been wierd because we found out he is goign back to Iraq and I almost wished he would had just stayed there because then I could have kept life like I had it. That sounds awful but it is just as hard on military spouses as it is on the servicepeople. Yet the struggles are different.

When we would talk online everyday he was telling me all these great things he was goign to do and that we were goign to do but yet nothign as happend. Like earlier this week he wanted me to call a friend to watch the girls but I did not because I don't understand why he can't call her and surprise me but of course it response is that he should not have to surprise me we are married. That is like saying I am not worth his time or effort. I have never been important to anyone and yet when we got married he said I was the most important person to him but yet again soemone said I was unimportant to them.

Also when he was gone we had decided we were goign to try for another baby but we wanted to wait a few years yet now I am in crisis mode because I might be again which would be good becasue I truly do want another baby but then it would be hard becasue we don't have the space, the car is too small, I am still in school, my sister is pregant and I wouldhave to be on bed rest because of my heart.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Big Update

SO my hubby came home on the 1st of july and it was so nice for him to be back home and know that he is safe.

MY weight when he got back was 198 and i was happy because my goal was to be under 200 before he got back. Needless to say I put some weight back on and we also went on vacation. In total I went back up to 205 but since saturday I have managed to lose 4 pounds so I am happy with that because I know that I have to enjoy life but I am also very consiceous about what I eat and after enjoying it i can come back and lose the weight.

I go back to school in less than a month so once again life will get busy but I KNOW I can stay on track.