Monday, April 30, 2007


So today I WEIGHED myself and I am down half a pound which means that I have broken the 222.5 mark. This makes me really happy because I did not give and contiued on even though I felt bad.
Today I did the golf course again but did it teh opposite way and feel so much better because I sweated off a lot. Also I cut 7 minutes of my last time of doing it.

Sunday, April 29, 2007


Tonight I have been thinking alot about my 2 pregancies.
During my 1st one I did nto get to enjpy it because my parnets were upset about it.
Then during my second pregancy I did not enjoy it because my husband was in boot camp.
I wish I could have a pregnacy that I was able to enjoy without havign to worry about what my family thought and also one taht my husband would be happy about it.
I hate that I feel like this but I want another baby so bad.
My hisabdn has mixed feelinga about another one but I want one.


Well today I did 3 miles but I am hoping to hold lose a pound or 2 becasue I am holding steady at 222.5

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Well today I did my first weigh in I am holding steady at 222.5. I am sure people will think that we will cheat. To us this is not about what we get it is helping each other to reach are goals of losing thw weight we want to lose.

Hopefully tomoorrow I will be down a pound or even a half.

Good Day

Today was a good day even though I only got a few hours of sleep. Today I got to talk to matt online for over 3 hours and we talked about everything.
He has made me get more motivated in my weight loss because we are taking a crusie soon and we can both want to look great.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Baby Belly

Well as I mentioned before that my close were starting to get lose I noticed that my stomatch pooch was getting smaller and no longer juts out when in clothes. I am so happy about this becasue this has been my biggest problem area.Yea me

Great recipe

So I foudn this recipe and made it last night I was afraid my kids would not like it but it has somethign for everyone nad it is quicka nd easy.

Ravioli Skillet
1 14.5oz can italian style stewed tomatoes, undrained
1 14oz can vegetable broth
2 medium zucchini, halved lenghtwise and sliced 1/2 inch thick
1 9oz package refrigerated cheese ravioli( I used frozen kind and used half the bag. Works just as well)
1 15oz white kidney beans, rinsed and drained
2 tablespoons grated parmesan cheese
2 tablespoons parsley

I did not use the last 2 itmes and it cut caloires down by 10 caloires

In a large saucepan combine undrained tomatoes and broth: bring to a boil. Stir in zucchini and ravioli. Return to boil and reduce heat. Boil gently, uncovered for 6 to 7 minutes or until ravioli is tender and broth mixture is slightly thickened, stirring once or twice. Stir in beans and heat for 3 more minutes. Sprinkle with cheese and parsley.

Calories- 335 w/ cheese 325 wo/cheese
total fat 11g
sodium 1131- get sodium free broth and it will lower sodium amount
carbs 47g
fiber 7
Protein 19 g

Enjoy and let me know what you think.
I will post more recipes if I finf them to be healthy


Matt might be home soon. He could end up going back over there.

This has been really hard because he is having a rought time and I feel like it is my fault because he did not have to go into until I got pregnant with my second child. I feel like if something happens to him it will be my fault.

I know I should not feel ths way but it has been hard without by myside. I ahve not been sleeping and I feel like it is starting to take a toll on my health and my diet. I will be goign home in a few weeks so I am praying that that will help but I am unsure right now.

Holding Steady

Well my weight is holding steady at 222.5 which means I have lost 8 pounds.
I am trying not to get discouraged but it has been hard but this mornong I put my size 18 jeans and they were not not. Before they would have been skin tight and i would not been able to breath. Also my size 20 jeans are huge on me so hopefully I will be able to get rid of them soon. My goal right now is to lose atr least 25 pounds before my husband gets back in August. if I don't reach that goal I will still be happy with what i have lost. I would like to be in a size 14 before the year is out. We will see how I do.

Okay brandi time to get in Gear I am catching up. Lets start a Friendly bet. You decide how much to lose and what the prize will be. Make the first goal a small one. Lol

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Being Alone

So I have deceided that I hate being here by myself. I have to do evertything and then pray I am doing it right. With my husband gone I feel awful and I feel it more at night because I have no one to talkl to.

Monday, April 23, 2007


I started at 230.5 I am now down to 221 and loving it. Hop to lose 25 pounds by time honey gets home. overall goal is 100 pounds.


Matt has been gone for 32 days and in that time I have manged to lose 9 and a half pounds which is great. yet as the tiem goes by it makes it really hard becasue I need him here as my personal cheerleader.
A freind of mine here i having problmes with her spouse cheating on her and I am glad I will not have to be put in that situation because I do not know what I would do to him. I would probably kill him but taht is something you don't want to think about.
Since matt left I have not been sleepinf at all and it sucks. Yet in the moring after doing my wal I start to feel better and by 11 pm I am wide awake. i have tried taking stuff but it does not seem to be helping me at all. I just wish he would come home.
Matt I love you.


So I had this scale but it finally gave up the ghost this morning so I went out and bought a new scale. The one I bought has the fun stuff but it cost me 34.99. Why does it cost so much to get healthy?


My parnets would drive a sane man to be insane. I have had my my few share of mistakes but the one they can not get over is me getting pregnant my freshman year of college. Yes it was not a good decison but it helped me to grow up. I had my oldest dayghter in may and I was back to school in the 2nd week of June. I also went back to work to support her because I did not need them saying that I could not support her. I went on to school and managed to get my associates degree and yet this did not make them happy. My sister got her certificate in costemolgy and they were thrilled.
Then I married my babies daddy and this pissed them off more. They balme him for getting me pregnant. Hello it takes two to tango. Needless to say they did not pay for alot of my wedidng. my sister got married and they paid for everything. My husband enlisted in the army so we could make it until I had a degree and this pissed them off even more because they would not be able to see thier grandkids.
I am now in school full time to get my bacherlors and hopefully my masters and yet they tell me I am neglecting my family and that I was a bad parent because of this. My older sister is getting her nursing degree and I am very happy for her but they act like what I do is so easy. i wish they could live in my life one. Have your husband deployed to Iraq where he has been wounded, go to school, watch one daughter(other goes to preschool because of a learning disablilty), cook, clean and mange the household while worrying about what is happening to him plus explain to your children that daddy is gone but he will be back. My dream is to have a degree and just because I have kids does not mean i have to give it up it just meansI have to alter course for a while.
I am sorry I was never able to live up to thier dreams but I would not give up my life, husband or kids for the world.
Life is about the decisions we make and on that fateful day I made a bad chocie but it ended up turnign inot the best choice of my life.

Sorry for the rant.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

weekend and all

This weekend has been tough. On saturday morning I got the worst call of my life. My Husband was calling me to tell me that his truch had been hit by something in iraq. Needless to say I was a wreck i was crying and boo hoo bawling but I think I am allowed. My husband say he is fine that he only has a concussion. Needless to say i am not alright. I have been tryimg to stick to my diet but last night I was feelign overwhlemed so I ate cookies and I mean alot probably 20 easily. The good thing is that my weight is holding steady at 221 which because I do not want to weigh 230 ever again. I have not been able to work out because my oldest daughter is not in daycare and will not walk with me. Yet I have stairs in my new house which I think is helping me alot. Please keep us in your prayers as we go thur this trying time.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Life by myself

Since my husband has been gone I have been having a lot of issues with it. I am constantly worry that something will happen to him and I will be left to raise our two kids toghter and then i worry abotu how will I support them since I am still in school. I have also been worryign about him not coming back the same. It is hard to think that somethign could be wrong with him when he gets back and no longer loves me.
This has probably been the hardest thing I have evr done but I a praying that everthing will work out and he will still love me as much as he did when he left.
The good thing is that we have talked about having another baby and I think he has finally decided that we will try and then in a few years go for it. I want another one so bad and due to some problems we had to make a hard decison about a situtaion and it has left me lovign him more because he was willing to stick by me.
Another bad thing about him being gone is that I can't workoout on the weekEND BUT i do try to stay as active as possible.
Well after walkign yesterday I am now down to 221.5 which is great because it has been so hard to get the weigh off before. I am more determined because I want to be hot for my husabnd and also I want to be more healty.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Moving and dieting

The last few dats I have been moving inot my apartment and have not had a lot of extar time which means I have not been able to work out as much but since I was able to eat good it seemed like a plus. Well yesterday i moved all of my boxes upstairs by myself(husband is still gone) and when i had weiged myself this morning I weighed 224.5 which is what I weighed befor ethe move which is good because I did not gain any weight. Then this morning I weighed myslef and I was down to 223. Which is great.
Then I decided to go walk this mornign and when I did I did a extar mile which means now I am up to 2 miles which does not seem like alot but for me it is.

I feel great. Hopefully I can lose the 25 pounds I want to lose before hubby get back.

Brandi thanks for supporting me no matter whatwe have been thru.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Moving and the stress that comes with it

This weekend I moved from one apartment on base to another base and it was the biggest pain in the butt becasue my hunny is in Iraq and I have 2 small kids.
Needless to say I was stress which led to other things.
Anyways I completly moved on friday I am still getting settled. The bad things about movign is that you ahve to rely on other people and when you do they can cause accidents. A guy who was helping fell up my stairs and put a samll hole in the wall. iT TOOK FOREVER.
Onsaturday I had to take my computer and found out that the screen was fried so i had to buy another one. Great another 200 dollars out of pocket.
Than later that night I ended up in the er becasue my left side was number. They thought I had had an stroke but we found out after a cat scan and tons of blood and a blown vein that I had a anxiety attack which is caused by stress.
TODAY was better until I saw that someone had hit my car and than ran. Overall this weekend could ahve been better but oh well what can you do.

Friday, April 6, 2007

kylie and maddison

Both of my girls are a amazing but let me tell you it is so hard to see them growing up.

Tonight I asked Kylie to clean her room which is usually a fight because she wants us to sit in there with her and do it for her. Well tonigth she went right in there and did and it was spotless. After I told her it was good and I was proud of her she said I am doing this for daddy and then kissed his picture.

Maddison is my clowna nd let me tell you shes knows. I am in the process of telling her different words. She ca now say bye, byebye, tahnk you, what's that, dadda, momma,a nd her new one is good girl. After getting her dress I will say good girl and she will say it back. It is too cute.
I am also teaching her how to say i love you so she cna tell her dad and when I say I she points to her eyes but she tries to say all the words. It is so sweet.

I love my girls and hope to have a boy in the next few years. LOL


Yeah so my littlest girl love to try to make me nuts. Today she took my car keys and hid them from me. I thought I had left them in the car because I had been cleaning it out. After calling the locksmith. i found the keys hidden in the cabinet. Needless to say i was not happy but she thought it was a riot. It was also a bad thing becuase my husabnd has the other key in his pocket in Iraq. Don't ask me why not really sure. I now have other copies but let me tell you I was on the verge of a breakdown earlier today.


Sometimes I think life does things to teach us a lesson. That is all I have to say.

The decisions we make

So this morning I was not goign to walk because I was so tried from staying up late.
Then I decided to weigh myself and I am down to 223 pounds. I am so loving. I then decided to wlk because I am unable to do it on the weekends because of my kids but let me tell you I feel wonderful. Hopefully I knocked a another pound off.

New House

Well we are getting a new hope on the base we live ina nd I am so happy because it is bran new. Yeah.
The only down side is that my husband is not here to help me christen evry
Another good thing is that I can get some new stuff and I m happy about that.

Weight loss and gains.

Well I ahve always been a skinny kid but when i started to have kids my weight balloned up. i now weight 225 and am only 5'2(I am not ashamed of me)

Since my husband left for Iraq I decide to lose the wight and have lost 6 pounds(started at 230.5) I am happy with my weight loss and hope to get a good bit off before he gets home. my overall goal is 100 pounds.

Some of the things I have gained from my dieting is that I am a emeotional eater and that has stopped. I now eat small meals(weight watchers) and now more caffenie. I have also found the best water. it is called fruit2o and let me tell you it great. i have also learned that i like walking because it lets me be alone with me. Sometimes we need that. I have learned that I am a strong independent woman who can do anyhting I set my mine too. My children have shown me that life is about having fun and in turn I have been playing outside with them.

In the end life is about the choses we make and how our family will remeber us not by how much money we have or what we drove.

Life as a Military Wife.

Well I have been an Army wife for 2years and let me tell you it can ba a hard job. My husband is never hoem and when he is he is tried.
We have 2 yougn children and I am always the one left with them while he has adult conversation.

My husband is now statoned in Iraq trying to us freedom and there are a lot of ungrateful people. Don't hate the men and women protecting us hate the war. I am so proud of my husand because he is willign to put his life on the line while I sit at home and shop and go to school. I feel bad about it.