Sunday, June 17, 2012

Debt Snowflake Month 4

So we are in the middle of June and I have made some great headway on my debt. I did not get all my student loan money in yet so I did not make as much as a headway as I would have liked however I was able to pay one of the cards off and I made headway on several other ones. I hope with my money that I get next month I am able to make more headway on the other cards and plan to add more to the amout of my payments.  So without further ado!!!

Capital one = May (3893), June (3626) = -267

AAMCO = May (375), June (0)= -375- Woo hoo paid off

Rooms to Go = May (1397), June (932) = -465

USAA= May (8079), June (7823) = -256

Best Buy= May (1337), June (998)= -339

Personal Loan= 1000- still owe

March Debt = 17194
April Debt= 16505
May Debt = 16056
June Debt= 14379

Amount of Debt Paid off from March to June= 2815(16.37%)
Amount of Debt paid off from May to June = 1677 (10.44%)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Debt Snowflake Month 3

Well another month has come and gone and we now facing heat in beautiful Texas. I am sure by August I will be begging for snow.  May was another month of challeneges in getting my debt paid down, however I am trying to pay extra but it seems like I am running into major challenges. This month was not getting my travel check ontime and having to buy birthday gifts. However as we head into June I am waiting on about 5k in student loan and reimbursment from the state for school. Yes I know student loans will need to be paid back but I want all the other debt paid off before I start paying on those wonder full loans. I will update later this month once I pay on all of my debt and may even be able to pay some off.

Capital One = 3999 (April), 3893 (May)= -106

AAMCO - 375 (April), 350 (May) = -25

Rooms to Go- 1510(April), 1397 (May) =- 113

Besy Buy - 1319 (April), 1337 (May)= + 18- This one has made me so mad becasue there is a fee that I did not authorize so  I am contesting it

USAA- 8302 (April), 8079(May)= -223

Personal Loan - 1000

March Debt = 17194
April Debt=  16505
May Debt = 16056

Amount of Debt Paid off from March to May= 1138(6.62%)  
Amount of Debt paid off from April to May = 449 (2.72%)