Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So lately my life has been so busy. Between school, work and the kids. I have not really had a chance to keep up with my friend (Brandi). I do try to drop her a line every once in a while and check out her blog.
I was attending a spouses confrence today and was walking into the chapel of the church when I felt that I needed to call her her to let her know about matt but also to check how she really ws becasue I can tell by her blogs that she is struggling. Well WE got like 3 minutes into the conversation and she lost it. I understood though becasue life is hard. I managed to find out they were several months behind in bills. I told her I would be sending her money and she was like no but if u want I will take it. This is hard for her to take handouts.I understand that because it is hard for me take handouts. I hope she knows that just because she needs help does not mean I think less of this.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The great thing about losing weight!!!

So since I have lost a little over ninety pounds I can tell you there is one thing that has gotten a lot better for me.


I have always loved sex with my husband but man when u drop alot of weigth u want it all the time and when u get it u want more.
My husband says my appitie for it is insane. I am glad he will be home in a few weeks so he can satisfy my

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


At the bottome of my page I have a ticker for our debt. This debt is all credit cards. It does not include the 18k for the truck or my 30k plus in student loans. As of yesterday we only hve 87 dollars on a credit card and that will be paid off in a few short weeks. I am totlally proud of oursleves for gettign this debt under control. Matt and I have decieded that our credit cards are for absoulte emergency. Which means we are going to hide them so we can't spend on them. One credit card we no longer have. Yea.

Hopefully our credit score will go up.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Crazy Life!!

Man it has been almost a month since I last blogged. For that reson I will start from the start of August

Kylie went back to school on August 8th and she loves school. There hve been a few issues with her talkign but so far so good. She is learnign how to read which is awesome. It is hard to believe that I am a mother of a 5 year old. I can still remember being in Labor with her.

I started back to school on the 25tha nd it is hard to belive that I am a senior in college. I also started my internship and while it has not always been so easy or even fun but it has been a new lerning experince.Yea.

Maddison turned 3 on the 26th and I still have a hard time believing that shr is 3. I did get her potty trained. Only took 9 mths. lol. She is trying so hard to act like her sister.

Matt is doing great. They have had few issues but nothign has affected him.

I go tomorrow for my TEE and a bubble test. Yuck. Not exctly looking forwrd to it but I am dying to know what type of surgery they want to do. I will update when I know more.