Thursday, April 24, 2008


So all week I have rarely heard from my husband. He got online wednesday for like 30 minutes but he did not really seem like he wanted to talk. Then he emails me on sunday saying he has not been getting online as much because he is trying to sleep when he can but then I look at his myspace account and it seems that he has been getting on there everyday yet I am lucky to hear from him. I understand he is busy and even understand he needs his sleep but give me a break I need to hear from him. Plus the only time I GET a email from him is when I email him. Never does he email me to let me know he is ok. I feel like I am such a inconvience for him. Am I wrong for being upset by this or am I rigth. Help.

Rough Month

This past month has been so rough with school. For that reason my weight has been all over the place. Even after gettign back up to 160 pounds I have finally managed to make it down to 154.5 pounds which makes me escatic. As my school year winds down I know I can get working on getting the rest of the weight down.

Monday, April 14, 2008

My Heart!!!!

So today I had a follow up with my cardiologists and he did a echo fo my heart. The decision as been made to refer me to another dr in New orleans that might be able to do the suregey. He also told me some very intersting things that I did not know.

1. The hole is some what bigger but can still be fixed by the stint procedure.
2. That the right side of my heart is severaly enlarged and it should not be due to some vein in my neck. I have always been told that the increase was due to extra blood flow but he explained that since I have the vein in my neck the extra blood should not be retained in my heart. He thinks there is somethign else going on there but he is not sure what.
3. I found out that i can have matt here during my surgery because the cardiologists can request that he be here and I can place red cross message. Also the doctor said they will not do it without my next of kin being there and that is matt.

I will keep everyone updated as we go.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Breast Part 6

So I went to the plastic surgeon yesterday and he said he could reduce my breats to a full b cup. I also asked him about a tummy tuck because my stomach is one of my main problem areas and I am not comfortable at all with my stomach as it is. Well he said that he can do the tummy tuck but we would hve to pay out of pocket which I have no problem. Well the dr was nice enough to drop 2000 dollars of his over allprice. Also he told me if I did it at the same time as my breasts then it would cut my cost. Right now we are just waiting to hear from the insurance on if they will pay for the suregery and then we will go forward from there. I will keep u updated.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Small Update!!!!

So I went to the Heart doctor today and they have decieded to do a echo in 2 weeks and then send me to a suregon in New Orleans that can evaluate my case. Hopefully it gets done. I do have to go to my doctor to have my back looked at due to some pain. He also mentioned that he thought my headaches could be caused by the PFO.

So last month I set a goal to drop form 165.5 pounds to 158 pounds. Well I exceeded my Goal. I made it down to 157.5 which is so awesome. I would love to weight less than 150 before Matt gets home but if not then I will be ok with where I end up.

So my goal for this month is to go from 157.5 to 150. We shall see how it goes.

Otherwise things are busy but I am keeping my life together for my kids and husband.