Saturday, June 14, 2008

Almost Home!!

Well after nearly 7 months gone, Matt will be home for 18 days of leave. We have alot of things plnned. Matt and I are going to the beach for a few days alone. WE will then get the girls for 2 days so we can have a true fmily vacation. We are alos planning on taking the to disney. They do not know we re going but they will both love it. We are also going to be buying new car. Yet during this time we will both be dreading him having to go back over there for 8 more months, yet we are thankful for the time we will hvae.

The journey for Matt to get home has not been easy. The required paperwork that needed to be was not done in time. His flight out of Baghdad was messed up because he was not there in time. Then the plne he was suppose to take to kuwait was turned around due to mechnical issue. Then when the plane was trying to get to BIAP there was sandstorm so they had to wait that out. He finally did make it to kuwait at -545pm and will be getting his itineriy at 730am. tomorrow. He shoudl be here in the states sometime Monday will not have to go bck until July 5th.I will let everyone know how I am doing oncce he leaves.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Why I won't hit under 150

So this week my goal was to get to 150 yet as u can see I only lost half a pound. I was doign good all week. Then on thursday I woke up sick as a dog so I did not go to the gym or even work with my trainer susie. Well when I woke up on friday I was 149 yet I did not get happy because I knew that I was sick. Well on friday I did work out just not as hard since my body was slowly getting over my bug. Then on saturday the weight was 149.5 and I was ok with that. On saturday I was able to go to the gym for 1 hour. On sunday the weigth was 150. Then yesterday was the army wives season premiere so I had dinner at a friends house and had 3 brownies. Which I know is bad but I figured I could have a small treat. Well that small treat made me gain back a pound. No needless to say I am stuck at 151. While I am happy that I have lost half a pound I wish I could get below 150. I knew losing weigth would be hard yet I did not think that I would get less than 15 pounds away and not get the last little bit off.