Friday, September 4, 2009

Big Week in Dallas

The last couple of weeks have been a busy few weeks.

Kylie started back to school. The first week was a getting her up and off. NOW when her dad drops he off atschool she flips out. We are hoping that it will get better in the coming weeks bu we shall see.Kylie has had some issues with her talking in class but she is chatty Cathy. We are working with her on her reading. I can't believe she can read. Man am I getting old.

Maddison also had a big week. After being out of daycare for 5-6 months we decided to put her back in even thought Matt did not have a job. She loves school. Yea. Hopefully she will love it foever. Also she turned 4. So hard to believe that my baby is 4. Seems like yesterday that she was a newborn. it goes so fast.

As for Matt we Finally heard from the Dallas Pd. HE GOT THE JOB. Thank you Jesus. Let me tell you waiting to hear has been nerve wracking as my income does not cover our daycare. He does not start until September 30t.

As for me work is going good. I love my job so far. I have also made a important decision about school. I was going to wait until January of 2011 to go back to school but after much debate I am going to go back next Fall. This reason is important because Hubby and I have agreed that once I am done with school we will start trying for out last baby.

Well there is our life in a nutshell.