Monday, April 23, 2007


Matt has been gone for 32 days and in that time I have manged to lose 9 and a half pounds which is great. yet as the tiem goes by it makes it really hard becasue I need him here as my personal cheerleader.
A freind of mine here i having problmes with her spouse cheating on her and I am glad I will not have to be put in that situation because I do not know what I would do to him. I would probably kill him but taht is something you don't want to think about.
Since matt left I have not been sleepinf at all and it sucks. Yet in the moring after doing my wal I start to feel better and by 11 pm I am wide awake. i have tried taking stuff but it does not seem to be helping me at all. I just wish he would come home.
Matt I love you.


Brandi said...

Aw honey. Just worry about getting by right now. As for sleep ... it'll come. Like with me, only mine isn't that bad. It'll come.

truelifeofjess said...

No it does not come until about 2 am and then I get up at 7.

Brandi said...

Yeah I know that feeling, LOL. Do you get a chance to take a nap in the daytime?