Sunday, April 29, 2007


Tonight I have been thinking alot about my 2 pregancies.
During my 1st one I did nto get to enjpy it because my parnets were upset about it.
Then during my second pregancy I did not enjoy it because my husband was in boot camp.
I wish I could have a pregnacy that I was able to enjoy without havign to worry about what my family thought and also one taht my husband would be happy about it.
I hate that I feel like this but I want another baby so bad.
My hisabdn has mixed feelinga about another one but I want one.

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Brandi said...

You know what you have to do. The procedure may be dangerous and scary, but it's better than what you know would otherwise happen...

I love you girl ... and I wish the best for you, but you have to be healthy in order to enjoy it. Bedrest would not be fun.