Friday, April 6, 2007

Weight loss and gains.

Well I ahve always been a skinny kid but when i started to have kids my weight balloned up. i now weight 225 and am only 5'2(I am not ashamed of me)

Since my husband left for Iraq I decide to lose the wight and have lost 6 pounds(started at 230.5) I am happy with my weight loss and hope to get a good bit off before he gets home. my overall goal is 100 pounds.

Some of the things I have gained from my dieting is that I am a emeotional eater and that has stopped. I now eat small meals(weight watchers) and now more caffenie. I have also found the best water. it is called fruit2o and let me tell you it great. i have also learned that i like walking because it lets me be alone with me. Sometimes we need that. I have learned that I am a strong independent woman who can do anyhting I set my mine too. My children have shown me that life is about having fun and in turn I have been playing outside with them.

In the end life is about the choses we make and how our family will remeber us not by how much money we have or what we drove.

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