Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hard Night

A few months back my husband AND I made a decision in regards to onje of are childrena dn now I am feeling like I made the wrong decsion. I am not sure if I am having these issues because matt is gone or if is because I am hurting so bad buT I do knOW IT is starting to take a toll on me.
Also I HAve been having alot of hurt because both time I was pregant I was unable to enjoy because they were both mistakes and if I did enjoy it then I would piss off my fmaily. I have tried telling matt how I feel but of course he does not udnerstand and sometimes does nto seem like he cares.

So basciallly my life sucks. And oh yeah I am getting my butt kicked in thnis challenge and really just want to give up and eat ice cream. WHO CARES If I am fat.


Brandi said...

What's the thing with the kids that you are regretting? Email me that one ...

But DO NOT give up on this challenge. You aren't behind by that much, I didn't lose yesterday because I actually got my calories. So do your DVD, leave the ice cream alone. If the DVD is something that you can handle without your ankle getting worse, try doing it in the morning, and then again later in the day if you get the chance. This will work for you, it will come off. So be encouraged and keep trying.

truelifeofjess said...

i was havign a rough night but now I feel better. I always get moody on my period.