Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Yeah today with my girls was intersteting. Kylie is taking my husband deployment really hard and it is starting to get to me. Tonight at dinner she told me I miss my daddy and proceeded to break down into tears. then she told me that she can't wait for him to get home because she is going to make a cake for him and give him a big kiss.
Then I took her to bed and she has a marine doll that use to be her dads and she told me Her husband was goign to sleep with her.
I love my husband but I wish he was here because he is missing some important things.


Brandi said...

That's so sad, but at the same time very cute. I'm totally hating that you have to deal with that though, Jess, I can't even pretend to imagine how hard it must be to have him gone and be alone with two little ones who don't understand. Tell him he is her hero ... he'll love it.

truelifeofjess said...

Yeah he is having arought time becasue he wants to be here for everything.