Saturday, May 12, 2007

Still Holding Steady

Today i weigehed myslef and I am still at 218.5 and I AM satified with that, I am not mad or happt about it I hust know that I will lose it soon. It has been a rought week waiting for matt to call home and then hearing from him and finding out that he is coming home in August but only to go back iN November.

It has been hard too becasue my ankle it killing me and it hurts everytime time I step down.

I think and know one thing taht hurt me this week was that I have not been doing my dvd and since then i have been holding steady. I am going to do that tonight and see what my results are.

The one thing that has come from this is taht my percentage of fat is down whic is good. When I started the competioton it was in the high 50, like 59 a dn now it is 51 which is good. I am not gettigng discouraged I am getting more determined.

I have set a mini goal for myself this week and it is to be 215 by thursday.


Brandi said...

Well, that sucks about Matt having to go back ... but he'll be home for a little while at least. Don't forget to give him the grand tour of the new place ... and make it a GOOD one, LOL!

Sorry you aren't losing these past few days, you are letting stress get in your way, and stress isn't something that you can help right how. But holding steady is better than gaining, right?

truelifeofjess said...

Yeah I am not worried about it teh last time I held steady for a few days I lost a pound so maybe it will make up for it.

Brandi said...

Well, when it's that time it comes off slowly too ... Juse be patient and keep trying.