Thursday, August 2, 2007

Ready to Give up- On everything

So My wieghed is still 199.5 and I am so frustrated. I am eating healthy and walking everynight yet my body does nothing but hold steady and I am ready to see those numbers move down.

My husband is starting to lose me. I feel like I put 100% of effort into this marriage and yet he maybe puts 25%in. Why am I doing everyhting I can to make it work when all I feel like I am is his sex slave when he wants me, his maid who cooks, clena and raises his kids. I am so sick of doing everythign for him and yet still hearing him gripe that it is not enough. What does he want me to do? I am so tired of life being so damn hard all the time.

Also My TOM has not started yet and I am now startign to think I might be preganat. Great just what we need right now. Hopefuuly it will start soon but ever since my miscarriage my body and my TOM has been so out of whack. My TOM will start SOMetimes 27 days later or up to 30 days later. If I don't start by sunday I will take a test but we do not need this at all.

Sorry to complain but It is one of those days.

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Brandi said...

I wish I was there, you make me feel an uncontrollable urge to hug you and let you cry. But honey, you have to know that this time is hard on both of you. Suggest some counseling to him, and tell him it's important to you that you see him trying even if he thinks it's a waste, because you are not as happy as you were with him. You've got to tell him how bad you feel, because two people can't fix a problem if one won't admit there is one. So talk to him, scream if you have to, and make him see how you are feeling. Maybe write it out for him, that way you can keep calm and be rational ... but still get the point across. And ask (or beg) him to talk back.