Friday, January 18, 2008

Breast Part 4

So I SAW the dr today and she agreed that it would be good for me to get the reduction especially since I have lost 60 pounds. She put my referral in and I know have to wait for my insurance company to approve it. So we shall know by next week if they will approve it.


Brandi said...

Hmmm ... Does that count as cheating on the weight loss contest thing? Maybe we should have them take the boobie-material to the scale and we don't count that part, eh?

truelifeofjess said...

I probably won't lose too much. iF I had mt stomach done then i would lose 10 -15 pounds easily. They will weigh i but I am not gettign ti done until march at the earliest. Trust me u ahve a chane tis time I can mot get out of the 170 I keep bounce around.