Thursday, January 10, 2008

Good Things about Deployments

So I have figured out there is one good thing about deployments. This good thing is that when Matt is gone we get all this extra money and we can use that money to get us complelty out of debt and even save some money. I have figured out a way to pay all or our credit card debt off and even get both of our cars paid off which would be nice. Plus I will be able to save 200 dollars per each paycheck which would be nice. Hopefully I can keep all the mone in savings so we can use it when he gets out of the military. Another thing that would be ncie for us would be if we got our tax money back this year but I am not sure we will. I am praying we do because we could save more money.


Brandi said...

Hey, good job! Look for the silver lining, honey ... Sometimes it's really thin and hard to find, but it's always there. Tell him I said hi, and for him to be careful over there.

truelifeofjess said...

Yea this is the only good thing about this deployment. The money.