Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Year New Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this year has been a rough one for me. At the beggining of the year I had a heart procedure which was a total failure. I then found out that I was pregnant. I then miscarried the baby which is still affecting me to this day. Then we found out in Februaury that Matt was goign to Iraq. I believe all these events were a wake up call to me. It made me realize that my honey was going to hae to go off to war and I needed to do everything I could to get back in shape. When Matt left March 24, 2007 I weighed 230.5 lbs. After workign my butt off and changing my eating habits. This change led me to be 198.5 by teh time Matt returned July 1 2007. Since that time and the time when matt left again I got down to 181. Since he left in late november I have gotten down to 176 pounds. My goal for when he gets home FOR his R & R is to be down to 145 pounds. My main Goal for he gets home in 200- is to be somewhere between 125-130 pounds.

Also this year I have dealt with the fact that matt was injured in Iraq. While it was only a concussion it is very scary because it makes u reliaze how precious life is and how dangerous Iraq still is.

This year I also started taking a full course load of social work classes and let me tell u it was hard but in the end I pulled out 2 a and 1 b. I am sure once I graudate life will be a little bit easier. I hope

While iI ma glad to see 207 gone I will be even happier to see 2008 in the rearview windown becaus eit means I am closer to Matt comign home and us getting out of the army. I will celebrate that day.


Brandi said...

Me too, babe. While you're throwing clothes all over the house in order to get naked and celebrate, I'll be tipping wine glass at the party at my house, celebrating the second safe return.

And good god, woman! Congrats on all the ass lost!

Love ya ...

truelifeofjess said...

Yeah I am ready for teh second safe return. Plus I am so ready for the weight loss to keep on going.