Saturday, January 12, 2008

So lonely

So these last few days coming ack form our vacation has een really tough because in Florida I ahd my family plus Matt's family to hang out with. Here I have a few friends. I do not sleep unless I take a pill hence why I ma blogging at 145 in the morning. I did not take my pill. I now understand why some spouses cheat when thier spouse is away. I DO not support but I understand. A person needs human contact and when they are all alone for long periods of tiem they stop feeling loved. Matt has made sure that he talks to be everyday and if he can't eh emails at odd times. I love my time with him online and our emails because we have both learned so much about each other that we did not know.I learned that when we were dating he wanted me to ahve a 3 some. He learned that I still have alot of trust issues. Iwould haverathered had learned these things face to face but right now I will take what I get whoch soemtimes is not enough.

I am also sick of havign no one to cuddle up to. I miss him so bad.

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Brandi said...

Just stay strong honey, and you'll make it through this. And don't let yourself relate to the cheating wives over there, they tell themselves that they are lonely as an excuse to do that. But loneliness isn't enough to do that, so stay strong for your man, babe.