Thursday, April 24, 2008


So all week I have rarely heard from my husband. He got online wednesday for like 30 minutes but he did not really seem like he wanted to talk. Then he emails me on sunday saying he has not been getting online as much because he is trying to sleep when he can but then I look at his myspace account and it seems that he has been getting on there everyday yet I am lucky to hear from him. I understand he is busy and even understand he needs his sleep but give me a break I need to hear from him. Plus the only time I GET a email from him is when I email him. Never does he email me to let me know he is ok. I feel like I am such a inconvience for him. Am I wrong for being upset by this or am I rigth. Help.

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Brandi said...

First of all, why didn't you call me and talk to me about feeling like that?

Second of all ... no you are not wrong. He shouldn't be logging into MySpace every day and telling you that he doesn't have time to talk. You should be first with him like he is with you. You are his wife, and it's his responsibility to make sure he stays in contact with you, because it's not like you can just call him up to chat. It has to be on him to find the time to do it when he can. But if the time he has is used for something else, maybe he needs to look at his priorities.

I know it's hard over there and he does need rest and sleep and all that stuff ... But so do you and how can you sleep when you're at the point where you check to see if he's logged in just to see if he's still on this earth?

If something is wrong over there with him, he should respect you as his wife enough to tell you.

And that's my $.02. So call me later tonight and let me know you're okay. And that he's okay, too. Love you, hon!