Monday, April 14, 2008

My Heart!!!!

So today I had a follow up with my cardiologists and he did a echo fo my heart. The decision as been made to refer me to another dr in New orleans that might be able to do the suregey. He also told me some very intersting things that I did not know.

1. The hole is some what bigger but can still be fixed by the stint procedure.
2. That the right side of my heart is severaly enlarged and it should not be due to some vein in my neck. I have always been told that the increase was due to extra blood flow but he explained that since I have the vein in my neck the extra blood should not be retained in my heart. He thinks there is somethign else going on there but he is not sure what.
3. I found out that i can have matt here during my surgery because the cardiologists can request that he be here and I can place red cross message. Also the doctor said they will not do it without my next of kin being there and that is matt.

I will keep everyone updated as we go.

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Brandi said...

Jeez, that's wild. Wish I could be there for you, honey. Regardless, I'll be praying.