Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So lately my life has been so busy. Between school, work and the kids. I have not really had a chance to keep up with my friend (Brandi). I do try to drop her a line every once in a while and check out her blog.
I was attending a spouses confrence today and was walking into the chapel of the church when I felt that I needed to call her her to let her know about matt but also to check how she really ws becasue I can tell by her blogs that she is struggling. Well WE got like 3 minutes into the conversation and she lost it. I understood though becasue life is hard. I managed to find out they were several months behind in bills. I told her I would be sending her money and she was like no but if u want I will take it. This is hard for her to take handouts.I understand that because it is hard for me take handouts. I hope she knows that just because she needs help does not mean I think less of this.

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Brandi said...

I love you, tooo ....