Friday, April 10, 2009

Life and Weightloss

So it has been a big struggle around here for me. I am busy trying to graduate from college whcih includes writing my 20 plus page research paper, plus trying to do 216 hours at my internship, and study for my fianls. Plus I am taking a spanish class that is kicking my butt. Also I am now workign 8 hours a week which is not alot but I drive a hour away to work. I am also stressed about the fact that Matt is getting out of the Army and we don't have jobs yet. I have been looking and so has matt. Yet I can't apply until after graduation and while Matt has a job interview with the Dallas Pd we are stressed because he has to take a poloygraph which he is not afrid of failing but he is just worried about it. At the same time we are trying to move and find a place to live since our home loan was denied.
While all this is going on I am trying to lose weight and it is it not happening. When I am stressed U eat so I have been doing bad. I weighed in today at 147 pounds and I have been up here since yesterday before that my weight was climbing. For this reason I have decided that if I can hold steady at 145 I will be happy.


Brandi said...

Just cut yourself a break babe, it'll be alright. Now, that's not to say you should go nuts, LOL ... But I'm glad you're willing to take a break and understand that this is not a good time to be worrying about the scale numbers. Keep going for walks and trying to be fit because it's what's good for you and you need the endorphins ... not because you hope something will happen. AND STAY AWAY FROM THE SCALE! Just let your pants tell you how you're doing.

truelifeofjess said...

Yeah I know that I need to stop getting on the scale but we both know how hard that is for me. It is spring break here so I am hoping to go to the gym at least 7 days.