Thursday, May 21, 2009

Past to Present

So I always have a lot of people in blog world ask me how much weight I lost, how I did it and why I did. I also have alot of people ask if I have had gastric. I am going to address some of these questions. This will be the first post where I have a picture of me before and after weight lost.
The picture below was taken March 20,2007 when I was at my heaviest of 230.5. At the time I was in the process of losing my weight and did not realize how bad I looked( I can admit I was fat), until I found this picture late last year. That is when my weight lost hit me.

Why did you lose weight?
I wish this question was a easy one to answer but for me it is not. I started losing weight after having some medical problems. I also wanted to lose weight because in the picture my husband was fixing to deploy to Iraq and before he got back I wanted to look hot for him. I also wanted to lose weigth because I had been diagnoises with a heart problem.

How did you lose it?
No I did not have gastric and have no problem with people who do. My doctor wanted me to gain 5 more pounds to qualify for it. I refused. I in fact did use diet pills for about 2 years which I am not happy to admit but I also did change my eating haibts and starting walkign everyday.

How much did I Lose?
My husband deployed once from March 07 to July of 07 and during this time I went from 230. to 200 pounds which is what I was hoping for. Then when he got home I went from 200 to 181. In Novmeber of 2007 he deployed back to Iraq for 15 months and during this time I went from 181 to 136 yet since he returned home in December of 2008 I went from 136 to 151. Right now I am currenlty at 147. As of today I have lost 83.5 lbs

How much more do I want to Lose?
This question has been hard for me to answer. At first I wanted to get down to 140 yet now that I know I can do it I would love to get down 130 at least. If I get down to 135 and feel good there I will stop if not I will keep going until I get where I feel comfortable.

This picture was taken May 8, 2009 and yes I promise it is me. I have done alot of hard work but at least I have done it.

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Jess said...

You've done a great job!!! :)