Friday, July 24, 2009

Job Hunting

Oh my goodness what a few weeks it has been.

I have been religiously applying for as many jobs as possible during the last few months with little success. Well a few weeks ago I applied for a state job and saw that my application was being reviewed. Well last Monday I got an email from the hiring manager saying I would receive an email in 24 hours to take an assessment. Needless to say I was on pins and needles waiting. I was thinking the assessment would be about the job yet when I took it I was surprised to find that it was all English and math questions. I felt I did really good. Then on Thursday I got a phone call saying they would like to interview me. I set up my interview for Wednesday the 22nd at 10am. Well I did the interview and while I felt that I did a good not I am not sure I am will get it because it is a competitive based hiring process and I am not sure my answers were what they were looking for. The good thing though that I was not nervous at all. Yea for that.

I then get home and my husband says you had a phone call for another job. What are you kidding me!! I was beyond happy. I called the lady back but she was not there so I left a message. Well I did not hear back from her until 530 that night and she wanted to interview the next day. Well That interview was set for yesterday at 11:30. I get there the interview goes good. The only negative about this company is that it a temp agency but the com pay will more than likely pick me up after those 4 months.

After I leave the interview I have to hurry across town to get my fingerprints done for the 1st interview. As I am waiting to be called I check my phone and there is a message from Target saying they would like me to call back. I have yet to call back. I needed a break from the job hunting because the 2 interviews wore me.

I am hopeful that in the next 2-4 weeks I will hear something about a job.

As for hubby we are still waiting to hear from the Dallas Pd. We are hoping he can start in August but if not then We are for sure September. He just has to pass the psychological test. Which he should pass. He is not a mass murder or like to do weird things...LOL.


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