Monday, August 3, 2009

Family Drama

When Matt and I made the desicison to move to Dallas rather than Atlanta we knew that my side of the family would not be happy. When Matt and I moved to Nashville right after we got married they thought we were not thinking it thru. Than when Matt joined the Army we had no chose about where we would go and when we ended up in Lousiana they were again not happy but they said it was better than Alaska or New York.

Yet, now here we are in Dallas, I have a new job, Matt is in the waiting process of his hopeful job and yet my family has some effort to try to find out how we are doing by an email but I called and left an message for them to call me teh same day I recieed the email because I had gotten the news about the job and yet I have heard nothing. We got new cell phones and I called and left them a message but no call back.

I think in some sort of way my family was hoping that we would not make it. That we would need to come back to Florida. BUT honsetly that would not have happened. Matt and I have no desire to live there. We like to visit but for us it is not Home.All of my sisters live within 30 minutes of my childhood home and none have any plans to move. I understand that it makes my family upset that we are so far away but I wish they would understand that we are trying to hurt them. We need to make sure we can provide a good life for our kids and we can't do that in Florid. The cost of living is too high and the pay for cops suck.

I wish they could just be happy for us that we are making it and that I have been able to find a job in this horrible recession, that we found a church that we love and the kids loe, and that we do have family in the area to help us out with the girls.

My relationship with my family has never been easy which is partly my fault but I wish that it would get alot better as they are my kids grandparents. This is not only hurting me but them too because they love thier Nana & Papa and ask about them all the time. It breaks my heart.


Brandi said...

Just wanted you to know that I love you and I hate that you are going through this. I wish I could be around to help, that we were able to get our girls together, that we could sit for coffee and chat it up ... You know it would be just like old times, LOL!

Anyway, try to take it easy, and don't let them stress you, babe. None of them are worth it.

kelli said...

maybe your family thinks you dont want them around since u moved sure its hard for them not to see the kids and you guys.....and its YOUR family they are always worth it

truelifeofjess said...


We have explained to them that we can not afford to live in Florida. It is way to expensive. We have always tried to make sure that they were included. During the time we lived in La we went down there about 3 times a year and yet the effort was never appreciated. I think it is harder on them not to see the kids. They could care less if they see us.. I have tried and I am over being rejected by them. I have feelings and they act like I am not worth it or as valuable as other family memebers. Thanks for your comment.