Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Baby obssessed or Crazy

So if you were to ask my husband I am baby obsessed and while I do agree with him on some level I am not as obsessed as some people.

I was watching a show on TLC called 70 and Pregnant. What are you kidding me? 70.

So as the show got under Way it showed several mothers. One who never had kids and did it because of cultural reasons, one because she never wanted children then met her spouse who is 20 year younger than her, a third who has 10 yes 10 KIDS from 2 men and waited 21 years later to have 2 more. The Last one is a 60 year old woman who married a man in her 40 who wanted kids and she had not one but two pregnancy one which resulted in twins.

I understand the need to have a child because we have a family member who just had a baby and I was holding him the other day and could feel my clock ticking yet at the same time I would not risk my life to have a child at 65 years old.

All of the women on the show did use IVF which I know has some pros and cons but when do we determine as a society that there are risk to older women who want to have a baby and have to say no to that women. In the US there is no age limit yet in the UK they do have a age limit but most of those women chose to come over to the US to get IVF.

One thing all the women say is that they are better being older moms because they have more patients and have more experiences. Yet on the other hand someone who is older has all kind of medical problems that could be made worse by the pregnancies.

I read the article and think that the author has some valid points. http://infertility.about.com/b/2008/08/04/should-there-be-limits-on-ivf.htm

I am not knocking older moms or IVF but I just wonder when do we say enough is enough?

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