Friday, April 6, 2007

kylie and maddison

Both of my girls are a amazing but let me tell you it is so hard to see them growing up.

Tonight I asked Kylie to clean her room which is usually a fight because she wants us to sit in there with her and do it for her. Well tonigth she went right in there and did and it was spotless. After I told her it was good and I was proud of her she said I am doing this for daddy and then kissed his picture.

Maddison is my clowna nd let me tell you shes knows. I am in the process of telling her different words. She ca now say bye, byebye, tahnk you, what's that, dadda, momma,a nd her new one is good girl. After getting her dress I will say good girl and she will say it back. It is too cute.
I am also teaching her how to say i love you so she cna tell her dad and when I say I she points to her eyes but she tries to say all the words. It is so sweet.

I love my girls and hope to have a boy in the next few years. LOL


Brandi said...

Oh man ... "I'm doing this for Daddy." That would have killed me right there. How sweet, make sure and tell him that he's been her inspiration to be a good girl.

IT made me cry a little, am I sad or what? LOL ...

truelifeofjess said...

Yeah she does that a lot plus cry for her father which is hard and is not letting me get any sleep because she has been waking up at night