Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Moving and the stress that comes with it

This weekend I moved from one apartment on base to another base and it was the biggest pain in the butt becasue my hunny is in Iraq and I have 2 small kids.
Needless to say I was stress which led to other things.
Anyways I completly moved on friday I am still getting settled. The bad things about movign is that you ahve to rely on other people and when you do they can cause accidents. A guy who was helping fell up my stairs and put a samll hole in the wall. iT TOOK FOREVER.
Onsaturday I had to take my computer and found out that the screen was fried so i had to buy another one. Great another 200 dollars out of pocket.
Than later that night I ended up in the er becasue my left side was number. They thought I had had an stroke but we found out after a cat scan and tons of blood and a blown vein that I had a anxiety attack which is caused by stress.
TODAY was better until I saw that someone had hit my car and than ran. Overall this weekend could ahve been better but oh well what can you do.


Brandi said...

Isn't it nice the way life can kick you in your bootie?

Brandi said...

And hey ... maybe all that work with the move will help you lose that last few pounds to the first goal, then you can spend a little more on a nice pedicure ... and relax.