Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Because I said so

If you have not watched this movie this is one of the best ones out there. I cried because I wished my relationship would Have been like this with my mom or even my step mom.
Also I want to have a great relationship with my daughters so that they can come to me about anything. Even Sex things.
As children and teenagers we think we know everything and we are in the biggest hurry to grow up yet when we get there we wonder what we were hurrying for. We need to learn how to savior life and take the good with the bad.
I have learned that even thought my husband is gone which is a bad thing life still goes on. Maddison is learing how to talk more and I think she might be almost ready to potty train, kylie's speech has imporved and she has learned how to help me more around the house. Also I got 3 b's and a A this semseter which has put be on the honors list again.These all great things that have happened and showed me that I can't stop living becasue of soemthing I have no control over.

I have also found that my parnets do love me and do want teh best for me but it has been hard for them to get close becasue of all the crappy things my mom did to me. I also found out that my parnets to car about Matt and are worried about him being over there. This has been a big step because they have always treated him like crap.

I have come to reliaze taht maybe my parnets were right. That is I need to enjoy the small things going on even in a rough patch because this to shall pass.


Brandi said...

Hmmm. Food for thought... Did you talk to your dad or something, or is this just a revelation? Sounds like I really missed out when I got the machine last night.

truelifeofjess said...

No nothing happned but I did talk to my dad.