Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Big Update

SO my hubby came home on the 1st of july and it was so nice for him to be back home and know that he is safe.

MY weight when he got back was 198 and i was happy because my goal was to be under 200 before he got back. Needless to say I put some weight back on and we also went on vacation. In total I went back up to 205 but since saturday I have managed to lose 4 pounds so I am happy with that because I know that I have to enjoy life but I am also very consiceous about what I eat and after enjoying it i can come back and lose the weight.

I go back to school in less than a month so once again life will get busy but I KNOW I can stay on track.

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Brandi said...

Well, I'm proud of you for losing it again, and hope that you are able to keep taking it off, honey. You worked hard for it, you shouldn't have to see it come back. Glad he got home safe ...