Saturday, August 11, 2007

Long Few Days

So the last few days I have not been losing any weight since monday. yET i HAVE BEEN having a lot of issues with constipation and I think that is hurtingme. Has been a a week since I have gone. Also I have not been feelign good so that is not helping me any.

Plus hubby has been working long hours so we have not been eating at a good hour. sO AS YOU CAN SEE I have had a lot of things to stop me from getting this awful weight off. I just wish it would come off.

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Brandi said...

Don't worry hon, it'll come off. You've lost 30 so far, and more to go, so just do what you know is right, and the weight will come off. Eat more fruit and it'll help. Also, drink milk, and tons of water. It'll get you going again, LOL. Good luck with the weight, and I bet you'll be happy with the weigh-ins once you're "moving" again, LOL ...