Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Long week

So on monday i STARTED school and let me tell u after my 1st class I knew it was going to be a long semster.
My monday/ wednesday class if rom 9- 1150 and it is spanish. 1st off in florida where I am from we are not required to take spanish as long as we had it in high school but in this state we have to have it to graduate. Oh my god I want to kill myself by 10am and I know I am going to go mad in the class. The good thing is that the class is only 8 weeks but it means we have a test every other week and yes I have one next week which sucks but oh well.
On tuesday I have to drive a hour from the base to take my social work classes which is great because I love these classes and they are goign to be fun. I have 1 class from 9-12 and then another one from 1-4 but they are taught by the same teacher and I really like her.
My last class is a online social work class and I like this class to becaus eI have had the teacher before so i know her teaching and testing style. The only bad thing about this class is that I have questions due every weeka dn it can be alot of work but I know to stay ahead with 3 weeks worth of work.
The only awful thing about all my soical worker classes is that I have 12 papers due between all 3 and yes I am being serious 12. I figure if it does not kill me it will make me stornger. Rigth now I have thursdaya dn friday off to do school work and volunteer so i am hoping to stay on track. we will see.


Brandi said...

Oh my gawd!! That is totally insane, it's no wonder you feel all frazzled. Well, remember to take a break when you can, and go for a walk here and there, it'll help calm your mind.

BTW, I'm thinking a lot about school lately myself, and I want to find a good online program for a GED so that I can go back to school myself. Maybe psychology? Not sure yet.

truelifeofjess said...

Yeah i am going to be nuts by the tiem school is finifshed I do not know how I am goign to do it when he deplOYs

Heck yeah u should go back it is so worth it plus u can set a good example for jo.