Saturday, August 25, 2007

Maddison turns 2

So tomorrow is maddison birthday and today I was here siting about everythING we have gone thru in these last 2 YEARS.

I remeber the day I had her i HAD TO be induced because of a medical problem and I was in so much pain . The epidural they gave me did not work and I basically did it all natural. The started to induce me at 10am and by 4pm the same day I have a new baby. Matt also most missed her birthday because earlier in the week kylie had broken the dogs leg and that was the only day the vet could fix her leg. Well tahnk god he made it right as I was strartign to push. Yet waiting for him to get there I was not happy my stepmom was trying to distract me and I wanted nothign to do with it. I had her in 2 pushes and let me tell u we were all shocked that she had red hair but we were so happy she was ok.

The the day she started walking. She did no want to let go of her coffee table but one day we put the coffee table up and all of a sudden she was going at. Now we can't get her to sit still.

The day that she had to have neck surgery was the scariest day of my life. She had been runnign a fever for a few days. I had taken her to teh er on a monday and they said nothign was wrong but she wa smiserable. She was not drinkign her bottle but was sucking on it, she did nto want to be moved. The day of the surgery was awful she had to be put asleep to take a cat scan to make sure it was nothing worse. The worse part was that matt was in the field and they were not goign to let him come. i had to argue with his commanding off officer over if he could come home. Fianlly at the last second he was able to be there and I was happy because I am not sure I could have done it alone. After the surgery she was back to normal but man that was the worst day.

The next memory is more recent when her daddy came home from Iraq and she was so afraid off him but once she relaized who it was she was all over.

These memories some sad some good were great but I can not wait to make more because I know she and kylie are goign to do something special with thier lives.

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Brandi said...

Oh my gosh ... look what's happened to us! We're ... MOMS!!!!

LOL. But it's the best thing isn't it? Never a dull day.