Wednesday, August 29, 2007


So it has been a while since I have walked but tonight I made a goal to try to walk the golf course 3 times a weeka dn walk around my neighborhood everynight. If I walk the golf course it is 2.2 miles. if I walk around my block it is 3.4 miles and it I walk one strett and back it is 1.8 times 2 so I am goign to try doing this but once matt is redloped back to Iraq I will have to stop the night walk but I want to lose as much weigth as possible. So good luck to me.
Ps I ran about half mile which is great for me.


Brandi said...

Awesome. Incredibly proud of you, Jess!!! How's the HIIT going? Are you still doing it at all? I've given it a shot here and there, but I'm going to have to find something other than jogging to do it with. It gets the ankle going and I just can't take it anymore. I maybe could do it with bicycle crunches or kicks or something ... what do you think?

truelifeofjess said...

Yeah I have not been doing HIIT yet I still am losing weight. Yeah I thniking adding kicks or crunches instead of running.