Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Busy Life

So during the middle of August i started back to school and oh my god I wish I was done with school.It seems like I get caught up in one class and start to fall behind . Last week I took a test in my spanish class. I got my test back today and it was only a 83 which does not sound bad but this teacher who weighs his test is not good. I then had a 2-4 page paper due yesterday in my social work class and thank god I finished but still I have a 5- 10 page book review due in my online class which is due september 30.This does not sound like a lot but I am still ahveign to do regular class work.. Another 2-4 paper due in my soical work class on tuesday due on the 18 of this month. Also in my 3rd social work class I have a 10 page paper due on the 30 of this month also. Plus I have 4 test due within in the next 25 days. The funny thing is that I still have a lot of papers due in october to. I so can not wait to graduate. I get down on myself sometime s but I am always thinking I am almost done. Only a year and a half. I am so excited but worried because matt is leaving for Iraq in november and now I need to have open heart surgery on top of everything else.

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Brandi said...

So it's settled then? You will be having open heart ... and he will be leaving again?