Monday, December 10, 2007


It seems like everywhere I turn lately there is someone pregnant or they ahve a new baby. I have always been a baby person and would love to have a dozen or at least 1 more. My sister is pregnant with a little girl and I am so jealous of her. I wish it was me. Brandi my best friend in the whole is talkig about having another child with her man. Yet I have been married for so long and can not get him to make up his mind aout what he wants. Before he left in March he was dead set against not having another child and yet he gets hurt in Iraq and he changes his mind again. Then he gets home and back into real life and the decisiosn is changed again. I am hoping that he will get back to Iraq and fianlly make up his mind. I almost feel like he is playing games with me. I love him but I am frustrtaed becuase I don't want to keep having kids into my 30's. I also understand that matt is 22 and he feels like he as already lived his life. I understand that compltely. He had kylie when he was 17 and had not graduated high school. We were married when he was only 19 and maddison was born when he was 20. I understand that he feels like he was cheated of his life becuase he got stuck with me and 2 kids. Yet I want to know how he really feels. Am I wrong to be feeling this way oris it normal of me?


Brandi said...

Dude, you might say that you understand his feelings, but I don't get him. Maybe he thinks that he should have partied more or whatever, and he was young when y'all got married and stuff, but it's not like he didn't see it coming, right? He knew that when you got pregnant, there was a baby on the way. And he still married you, and he still stuck around when Maddison came along. He stayed willingly, and that's not your fault.

Then again, I can sometimes understand why he might be a little worried about having another one ... There's so much going on right now with you guys. But you need to really tell him how you feel, and that you feel like he is playing with you. He needs to understand how you feel too.

truelifeofjess said...

Yeah I Have tried to tell him but he hardly listens. it is one thing that he ignores me on