Monday, December 10, 2007


These last two weeks have been rough. It has been a wierd adjustment getting back into the routine of doing everything myself. I feel as if my life is at a stand still. I keep expecting matt to walk back in the front door and me go make dinner and us have family time. Now most nights I don't even feel like eating dinner or even cooking dinner for myself. Like Today all I had was a 100 caliore granola bar, a 120 caloire granola bar,a bag of popcorn that had a hundered caliores , 1 blueberry waffle which had 50 which includes butter and syrup and half of a ww meal which was maybe 90 cliores. This has me a little it worried because I know I need to eat more but the thought of food has me sick.

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Brandi said...

Dude that's not cool. Maybe you're feeling sick when you think of food because your body is screaming for some sustenance? Make yourself eat at least a little something, you're girls are still depending on you babe.