Friday, December 14, 2007

Gained a pound but loss a inch

So after injuring my foot I was worried I would gain alot of weight back. While I have gained a pound back I have loss a inch off my waist/hips. I also loss half a inch off my abs. While I knew that I would gain some back after losing 5.5 last week. This I hve lost 3.5 pounds, I am very happy about the weight loss. I have been working out alot. I started using my biggest loser dvd and let me tell u I can feel the difference. My body is sore but only in my legs. Which is good because I need to lose a lot more weight off of my weight. THE good thing about losing weight is that alot of people ahve noticed it and tell me how great I looks. Makes me wonder what they thought of me when I was fat. Also another good/ bad thing is that all of my jeans are getting too big. This is good because it menas what I am doing is working. It is abd because it means I need to buy new clothes. Yet I am happy where I am and can't wait to lose more.

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Brandi said...

Oooh, honey if they are my size send them my way, LOL!