Friday, December 7, 2007

The reason for the season

So my friend Brandi posted a blog about christmas season. This got me thinking.

For me when I was younger christmas was only abput getting gifts. I also never really belived in the whole santa thing becuase my mom told me that he did not exist when I was 5. As I grew older my dad and stepmom taught me the real reson for the season. I learned that we need to give glory to god and always honor him regardless of the day. Also christmas was a big family thign we would wake u and do stockign first which I think is the best becuase I made myslef believe there was a santa I still love stockings. My step mom would make choclate chip pancakes which are my absloute favorite. We would then open presets and the rest of the day we would hang around the house. Now that I have kids I am tyring instill those beliefs into my kids.

Even though matt is Iraq we are going to keep things as normal as possible. Yet we are going to add a few in becuase it is time. Every year we make christmas cookies with the gilrs and I did that with the girls and matt before he left. This year I am goign home and I plan on spending christmas eve making cookies with teh girls. Also we take the girls around to look at lights on christmas eve. That too will be continued. Also we leave milk and cookies for sanat and a carrot for the reeindeer and that will contnue this year. The new thing we had planned on doing was reading the christmas story to kylie. Even though matt is not here I am goign to read it to her. I want her to know about jesus and why we celebarte christmas. She needs to know that christmas is not only about presents but it is also about the birth of jesus christ.

I am alos plannign on talkign to her about why daddy is in Iraq and what he does and how proud of him we are. This will help her to have a better understanding of why matt is there..

Please remember the troops that are overseas and are unable to spend the time with thier families.


Brandi said...

Very thoughtful. Be sure to let me know how she likes the story, and what you tell her about her daddy.

truelifeofjess said...

I will Defintly