Monday, February 11, 2008

My Life

So as u know I am going to school to get my bachelor degree in Social work. Yet I feel awful because I always wonder if I am making the right decison with putting my kids in daycare.
I consider myself a sahm but some people do not because my kids are in school. AM I?

Thos morning I had to drop my kids off at 545 so i could get to class and has I dropped maddison off she was screaming and it broke my heart. As I walked I was so broken hearted becuase I felt so guilty for leaving her.
Then as I was driving to school I was bawling becuase I feel so guilty. Maybe I should drop out and focus on my kids. This wold make everyone happy.

Help what do I do?????


Brandi said...

Do not drop out! What you are doing will provide a life for your children. It will allow them to have the security of a job that's going to be there for sure, a paycheck that's dependable, and parents that know the bills are paid.

Do not quit. Jennie doesn't know everything. And you're not a bad mom just because your kids go to daycare. My kid goes to Head Start which technically, is daycare. But I am a SAHM. And anyone who doesn't think so can suck an egg.

Do not quit when the going gets rough. Just keep going, the road will smooth out eventually.

truelifeofjess said...

Honestly I go thru this situation everday but it has gotten so hard because she really wants her daddy.

I know I am doign what is rigth for my family but it is a hard scarfice I am asking of my children. Hopefully they appreciate it in the long run.

As for Jennie, I listen to her advice but rigth now I am to close to finishign school that there is no point in even takign a break.