Monday, February 11, 2008

So sad!!!!

So tonight I was looking at some pictures of my honey in Iraq. As I was looking at them maddison came over and said my daddy. It made me so sad becuase she was daddy home and I wanted to cry. No child should have to look at a picture of thier father and not know when he will be home.

The real tearjerker was when she leaned over and kissed his picture. I wanted to bawl becuase it was so cute.

Brandi some pictures were dirty


Brandi said...

Well as long as she wasn't checking out the dirty pictures with you ... LOL.

Just kidding, I know you would have freaked if she'd walked up on a "willy pic".

truelifeofjess said...

No it was a picture of him is his pt uniform and she loved seeing him. She screams his name everytime she see his picture. It is going to break my heart when he has to leave after his r & r but I know we will make it.

as for the otehr pictures. Those are hidden just for me. Yummy.