Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Bed

So last week I went and bougth kylie a big girl bed. I figured it was time because she had broken her old bed, and was potty trained at night. So the bed was delivered today and of course I had to put it together. Well the first time I put it together the bed was off angle so I had to take one pat of it down and re put it together. Well I got it together and I put her in it tonight and it made me sad to think that my little girl is growing up so fast. Plus it hurt becasue matt is not here to witness his girls growing up.


Brandi said...

Aw, I hope she loves the new big girl bed, LOL! Hey guess what? I'm going to be starting a garden soon, found a way to do it, even here in the city, LOL! Someday I won't be so "country-mouse" anymore, I'll even be rocking out a city garden (that's four eff-ing miles from the house, LOL)!

truelifeofjess said...

You are nuts. I wish I havd time to garden but I am so damn busy I am lucky to get a shower.lol