Saturday, March 1, 2008

Weight Loss Goal!!!

So every month I set a goal of the weigth I want to hit each month. Lately I have not been doing too good with it because of school. In feburary my startign weight was 170.5 my goal for the month was to hit 165. I was a half pound short of my goal, but I am happy with it becasue I was able to lose 5 pounds plus I got past my stupid plateau. Hopefully next month will be jsut as good.

starting weight 165.5
Goal weight 158.

We shall see


Brandi said...

You're still kicking my butt big time, LOL! I'm busting my butt over here, and I'm still going back and forth between 188 and 192 pounds. It sucks.

truelifeofjess said...

Yeah but u will get there. This is why I weigh myself at nite to make sure that I have not balloned up. I am goign to start getting back to the gym this week so hopefully that will help.