Sunday, March 2, 2008

Missing My Love

So the last few days have been really hard because I am so missing him. It seems like I wake up every morning wondering if HE will make it home. I then go to bed thinking out how much I am missing him in bed. The things I miss the most are the small things, like him starting a bth for me. going bowling, having someone to help me with the girls. I AM so counting down until he will be home but who knows when that will be because there i s arumor they will be home ealry which would be great. I will keep everyone posted.


Brandi said...

While post like that make me ache for you and all that you and Matt are going through together (and apart), it really makes me appreciate what I have. It almost makes me feel silly for all that I worry about my own issues, LOL. Sorry I didn't get to call you back last night ... fell asleep and the phone never did charge. So it's charging now, a day later, LOL!

truelifeofjess said...

Girl I will gladly change places with u. Your issues are important to and u should not feel guilty about anything. Call whenever u can.