Saturday, July 5, 2008

Update Time

Well Matt made it back home on June 16th and we enjoyed 18 days together. We did lots of things
We bought a new car which ended up being a 2006 ford explorer which is fully loaded. Yes gas prices re going sky high but we need the room.
We then went down to FLordia for about a week. During that time Matt and I went to a baseball game, stayed on St pete beach for 3 days and then we picked up the girls so they could sty with us for a day. They had a lot of fun and so did we. On the last day we took the girls to disney where they had ton of fun and enjoyed spending time with thier dad.
When we got back to Fort Polk we just hung out and tried to ignore the fact that Matt would have to go bck to Iraq.

Well the day came for matt to go back and it was very tough on all of us. I will be so glad when he is home for good. I only hope he cn find something s a carrer that is not

As for my weight I gained about 10 pounds back but I am slowly working on getting it off.

Well that is it for now my emotions are all over the

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