Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Feeling like a single mom!!

So ever since Matt left to go back to Iraq I am feeling like a single mom. I do everything for the girls: cook, clean, lundry, baths, bedtime routine, and all the other numeorus things we moms do yet I am not a single mom because I have a wonderful husband who works so that I can finish school. Yet I feel like I never see him. Our wedding anisvary is next week and we will have been married for 4 years yet we hve spent one of our annissvarys together, and maybe have spent a year and half together. . I am greatful for all that he is done but I wish for more time together. Hopefully after this deployment life will be normal.


Brandi said...

Well, I think you both are overdue for a break, so just keep praying, honey.

truelifeofjess said...

Yeah a break would be nice but I am so proud of him for the job he does.!!!Lol